A childs creativity 

the next family heirloom 

Childrens Art from publish my stoires

A Childs Creativity

Do you want to capture all those treasures your child or children bring home from school, or create just for you?

Have you considered putting those treasures into a beautiful book?


Childs draing of a pond for Publishmystories

Creating a new hairloom

What a wonderful gift for grandparents and larger family, or even a wedding gift on that very special day.


Stories from Publish my Stories

a childs creativity

We aim to help you preserve those stories so your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will know where they came from.  They will know you and your parents and your grandparents.

What a wonderful legacy to leave…

Fixed Price - £550

We can offer a full colour service of 48 beautiful pages, colourful cover with a book 6 x 9 inhces (If you require a larger book lets talk).

We have a fixed fee of set up for £550 and you get 5 copies of the finished and a digital copy for your records.

In a nutshell…



Collect the most precious drawings, stories, poems your child or children have created.  Send them to us, in the order you would like them to appear and together we will create the perfect Junior Book.

Design / Production

Once the manuscirpt has been completed what’s next? We will format (typeset) your childs work ready for print.  Working together we will create the perfect cover to meet the requirements of your unique book.


Print 1 or 1,000

Included in the price of £550 you will receiv 5 copies of your child’s book, but if you want or need more copies, not a problem we can print more.

Sounds good

How do we do it. What are the hidden tasks?



We are happy to receive your childs creative works in any form, from a handwritten story to typed sheets or even audio. PrintmyStories will type up the documents in to a manuscript and return it to you for approval.



We will also check syntax and punctuation and make changes, always with your permission. However, half the fun of a child’s story is often the spelling mistakes, so we could leave them in!

Typesetting and Cover

The manuscript will then be formatted and a cover designed with your approval.  The cover is often a picture your child has created.

First Proof

On receipt of the proof, we ask you to read your book, and check the book as it will now.  Often art work will take on a different life and feel once published. Once any alterations have been made and you have accepted the finished book, will we submit it to the printers for publishing?

Your Copies

Once we have received your 5 copies from the printer, we will post them to you.  If you would like us to post the copies to different addresses, we can discuss that.


Your Child - Author

Thats it, all done.  Your child is now an Author of their first book.  Now it’s time to start the next one…

Let's Work Together!

This sounds reall good, I want to get started now, what should I do?

Just click on the link below and we are already part of your dream team and getting you into print.

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