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Who doesnt love a story?

Stories are a major part of our lives.  It tells us about our history, keeps our minds active and entertains us.  Whether the story is via the television, a magazine, or a book.  Its how we teach the next generation about our morals and values.

Author’s love telling stoires and we want to help those authors get into print so they can share those stories with you.  So, if you have a story you have written, then we need to talk.

Prices range from £750.


Publish my story

Marketing - the hard work begins

Writing and publishing your story is the easy bit.  Getting people to buy and read your book is the hard part.  On average most authors will sell 250 copies of their books.  Marketing is the trick, if you would like our factsheet about marketing please email us.


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Writing Fiction

When you start to write a story,

you will need to Plan, plan and plan.

When you start to write your story, you are full of excitement, full of planning and the story is just bursting out of you.  Everywhere you look, there is an idea, a new plan, or a character you want to introduce.  When you start, follow our simple tips to help make it easier:

  1. Keep to the point.  Do not add information or additional story lines just because you can, or you have a mental block on how to get certain information over to the reader.  Your reader is intelligent and will know when you are ‘filling’.  Plan, plan, and then plan.
  2. Write for your audience, but also write for you. If you would like to read your book and find the story gripping, and would read it if someone else wrote it, then you know you are on to a winner. Remember if you get bored reading the manuscript your audience will.
  3. Be accurate with description and historical events. Remember in Victorian England we didn’t have mobile phones. (Unless of course you are writing science fiction then you can create your own world).
  4. Build trust with your reader. Make sure they want to read this book, the next and then the one after that. Trust is being honest within your story and true to the characters.
  5. Start by putting the kettle on, sitting with a piece of paper, and making a list of ideas for your story.  You will surprise yourself.

Bonus Tip

6 Enjoy the process.

In a nutshell…



We will encourage or help you to write your book.  Guiding you through the tricky phases of getting started and more importantly to keep going.  We will help you get a manuscript that can be turned into a book you are proud of.

Design / Production

Once the manuscirpt has been completed what’s next? We will format (typeset) your narrative including any picutres ready for print.  Working together we will create the perfect cover to meet the requirements of your unique book.


Print 1 or 1,000

When your book is published, the hard work begins.  Selling your book.  Together we will come up with a strategy to ensure your book is available on Amazon, an e-book, and you have an action plan on how to market your book.

Sounds good

How do we do it. What are the hidden tasks?


The Manuscript

We are happy to receive your manuscript in any form, from a handwritten document, typed sheets or audio. PrintmyStories will type up your manuscript and return it to you for approval.



We will also check syntax and punctuation and make changes, always with the author’s permission.


The manuscript will be formatted and returned to you for your final approval, asking that you initial each page to ensure it meets with your approval.

The Cover

Together we will design the front and back cover of your book. We will send you an A4 printed sheet of how your cover will look for approval.  Only on your authorisation will we arrange with our printers for the first proof of your book.

First Proof

On receipt of the first proof, we ask you to reread your book, then recheck the book as it will now take on a different life and feel. Once any alterations have been made and you have accepted the finished book, will we submit it to the printers for publishing?


At this point, we can discuss your book’s retail price, royalties, and where you would like it promoted.  THE HARD WORK IS ABOUT TO START.

Hi, I’m Julie Farmer, the owner and creator of

I like the fact that small businesses can adaptable and offer a personal touch to each client. We can be innovate and think outside the preverbal box.

No event is ever too big or too small that could not be in your memoirs. It is our job to make sure that happens to your satisfaction. We help by turning your manuscript into a printed book. We can also create a website and helping you sell your book.

Everyone is an individual, so each manuscript is dealt with individually.  It’s all about teamwork and communication, and together we could make a fantastic team.

Creating your next family heirloom!


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