This week’s review of the comedy show ‘Hit Job’ written by Eric Cunningham.  The podcast is free if you have a membership to Audible, part of Amazon.

It tells the story of Brynn Morris, an aspiring artist desperate to earn money to pay for her grandmother’s lifesaving surgery.  She takes a job as an administrator at Kill Co, whose motto is “Do Bad Things for Good Reasons”.  At the start of her employment, she is appalled at the objectives of the company, killing people.

Kill Co, need a company morale boost so create a competition to see who can kill the most people in the shortest period.  The rules of the competition constantly change to suit the Managing Director.  The most significant rule change is that the person at the bottom of the leader board becomes a target. There are strict rules about who can kill.  All kills are displayed on the company app, Tinder.  Swipe left, and it’s a pass, swipe the other way and you accept the contract.  Our heroine involves herself in the competition.

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Brynn teams up with Geo, the tech nerd, whose father started the company.  The subsequent episodes take us on each of their kills and the mishaps they experience. 

The series has undertones of Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  To enjoy this series you would need to understand “cult” movies, as there are subtle references throughout, for example, one employee of Kill Co wears a mask and invites friends over for dinner, (for those who don’t know, Silence of the Lambs).  Film references come thick and fast.

The series has 12 episodes which are two episodes two long.  The pace was excellent, and the comedy timings of the voice artists were superb.  The attitudes of Millennials was fascinating, from self-absorbed social media junkies to dedicated diligent workaholics.

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Its wacky view on life and death is interesting.  Anyone in business is a target, especially if money is a driving force.  Environmental issues and morality were discussed in who should be added to the ‘hit list’.

I am not sure I like the concept of glamorising killing but there are laughs out loud moments, some sophisticated dialogue that moves the story from one subject to the next.  I wouldn’t recommend this to my father, however, my nephew would love it.  A new cult audio production has just been created.

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