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Having watched the Royal Wedding of Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew in 1986 and their subsequent children and divorce.  My voyeuristic curiosity kicked in.  What happened next?  “Finding Sarah”, written by Sarah, the Duchess of York, was the obvious place to go. 

There were a few interesting facts in the book, that I didn’t know about Royal life, but nothing earth-shattering.  The heating in Buckingham Palace gets turned on at a pre-defined date and time, and you must order your meals from the kitchen.  If you’re late, you go without!

Although the book is about “Finding Sarah”, it was frustrating the number of times she tells us she is still in love with Prince Andrew and that leaving him was the worst mistake she ever made.  However, she needs to take some credit as they both raised their children as a family unit.  She takes responsibility for all poor choices, but it is always at the behest of someone else.

Sarah discusses her significant financial issues and her resolve to become financially secure.  We also find out about her work and trying to make a living as a single mother. We would, for example, never see her at the checkout of a supermarket. Her career choices are very limited.

There are some wonderful insights in the book. I liked the suggestion to have a personal statement to run your life by.  However, Sarah’s key message appears to be: stop, take a breath, don’t rush in and be kind to yourself.  Who would disagree with that! 

I would recommend this book as it gives an autobiographical insight into a woman’s life who, on the surface, appears to have everything, but in reality, is limited by what she can and cannot do. 

Where can I buy Finding Sarah?

Sarah’s book is available on various websites however the amazon link is below. The book can be purchased in four ways.

  • Kindle at £9.99
  • Audiobook £15.92
  • Hardcover £25.06
  • Paperback £13.19

Finding Sarah: A Duchess’s Journey to Find Herself

Sarah Ferguson – YouTube

Sarah has also started a YOUTUBE channel reading stories to children. Most of the stories are under five minutes so will keep your littles interested.

Her channel can be found here

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