Most of us may have heard of Katie Hopkins from her formidable presence on TV shows such as The Apprentice and the now-infamous radio show on LBC. Katie has made a name for herself as one of the most outspoken personalities on British TV and radio. She is fiery, outspoken and can be disrespectful. But who is Katie Hopkins? I hadn’t given it much thought until she popped up on my Instagram feed. She was doing an amusing skit about a topical review on her channel’ Katies Arms’. I knew she was flaky, had a temper, and was opinionated and bossy.

Her book Rude provides an entertaining account of her opinions and how witty and humorous she is. She doesn’t apologise for her opinions or justify her views; they are her opinions and are direct and honest. But what she does is tell you more about her life and the woman behind the views.

I vaguely remember that she had epilepsy and later a brain operation to repair the epilepsy. I didn’t know how dangerous and severe it was. She would have an attack at night and wake up with one or both arms dislocated and in excruciating pain, needing hospitalisation. She isn’t a woe is me, and it’s more a matter of fact. This is what I had and how I dealt with it.

She discusses her life as a working mother and how much she loves her kids. They are an essential part of her life, but they are part of her life. They are not all she is.

She has an opinion, voices it whenever she can, and has a passion for her truth. She discusses the objections to her views and how people try to stop her from voicing them, which is odd when you think about it. Because they are expressing their opinions about her, I don’t think many people see the irony. What can go wrong?

Famously, she shared her opinion that all fat people are lazy and deliberately gained three stones and lost it to prove her point. I was waiting to get across as I have just started as the Slimming World Consultant in Faringdon. However, I couldn’t dislike all of what she said. It was her opinion, and although I disagree with some of it, she will never understand the complexities of being overweight.

In Conclusion of Rude by Katie Hopkins

This book will bring a smile, some laughs, and possibly some heated discussions. It takes an unapologetic stance on modern society, speaking out frankly about the challenges of having one’s own opinions in today’s climate. It truly speaks up to those who have been silenced by our cancel culture. This book won’t be for everyone, but try it with an open mind and let me know what you think.

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