This month I thought I would let you know about a new podcast entitled ‘Go Love yourself’. It’s one of the latest podcasts for women on a mission to figure out who they are and how life treats them. The idea behind this show is that everyone deserves love, regardless of size or shape – something which can be difficult when surrounded by the diet culture. This podcast talks about everything from body image issues to self-love and the lessons learnt along the journey of life. The hosts are two best friends, one of whom you might know from The Great British Bake Off, Laura Adlington and Lauren Smith.  

The podcast takes on a light-hearted tone as it explores the reality of womanhood. With interviews, open discussions and events happening in the world, you will be entertained and thought provoked! The podcast style is more of a coffee, a chat, and a giggle rather than preaching at you.  

What’s discussed on Go Love Yourself

One of the biggest topics they discuss is weight loss in both an open and honest way. The two ladies discuss the diets they’ve tried but ultimately rejected because they didn’t work for them – or at least not long term. They also discuss their hatred of the diet industry and how they portray a negative image of how a woman should act and behave. Their core belief is that the diet industry will keep: 

  • You on a diet for the rest of your life 
  • Counting calories, points, or syns forever 
  • Punishing you for not being the size; they believe you should be 
  • You feeling guilty for eating cake 
  • Unaware that the diet industry is all about money and the more weight you put on, the more money you earn  

They are open and honest and invite their listeners to participate in the content via texts, emails, and social media. 

Go Love Yourself – required listening

This podcast should be required listening for any woman feeling self-conscious, has body confidence issues, or needs to build confidence in their appearance. The idea is to get women to look differently at themselves, love themselves, and, let’s be frank, give each other a break. Life is hard enough without adding hidden pressure that doesn’t have to be there.  

Publish My Stories review Go Love Yourself

One of the most entertaining quotes from the show is when someone says, “You’re not fat, you’re beautiful”, and their response “b**ch, I’m both”. The go-to question for any guest is always, “What is the best bit about you?” 

These ladies are undoubtedly brave; talking about their weight in a world where being bigger than a size 10 is a social offence. There is some offensive language, but the information and content are encouraging and empowering and will make you smile.

 From a personal point of view, I agree that we have to break this cycle of women-hating ourselves and our bodies because society tells us how we should look. Please don’t take my word for it; listen to their podcast yourself. Available from all good podcast providers.